Emma Bergsell 19, Kalmar, Sweden

Starting in the Spring of 2016 J.J. Sports and Emma starting working together to try and find the best possible solution for Emma in the United States combining both studies and football. After a lot of hard work and collaboration J.J. Sports found the perfect solution for Emma to fulfill her dreams. Emma was awarded a scholarship at Keiser University in West Palm Beach, FL. In the Fall of 2016 Emma began her new life adventure in Florida as an important member to the Keiser University Women’s soccer team.

Emma Bergsell

I am very happy that me and the family decided to work with J.J. Sports. There are so many different things that need to be done throughout the whole process that we would never have been able to do without the help from the company. I am so lucky with where i am and what i am doing now that I can`t thank J.J. Sports enough for their support and professionalism throughout the whole process.

Mathew Dunn, Coach Keiser University, West Palm Beach, Florida

J.J. Sports were a pleasure to work with throughout the whole experience. For a relatively new company; both Jonathan and Johan were very on top of things and very professional the whole time making the recruiting process a lot easier for me as a coach. I will definitely be looking to work with them in future years in the recruiting process.

Iraq Olympic National Football Team, Kalmar/Öland, Sweden

In the build up to the Olympic games in Rio, Brazil: The Iraq National football team chose to do their training camp in Kalmar/Öland, Sweden. J.J. Sports acted as a team liaison for the team throughout the stay the company made sure all the needs of the national team were met working closely with all the staff, coaches and players.

Johan Göransson, Project Leader for the Sports Tourism at Destination Kalmar

When we received the prestigious assignment in taking care of the Olympic Iraq National football team it was vital that everything ran as smoothly as possible. We as a company choose to work with J.J. Sports for the task at hand. We knew that they would be able to not only meet the high standards; but exceed them when it came to handling all the needs of the Iraq National team in a professional manner. We and the Iraq National Team were very happy with all the hard work that J.J. Sports did throughout the week.

Mohammed Al-Grety, coordinator for the Iraqi national team

J.J. Sports worked with us as the team liaison. They did an excellent job and collaborated exceptional well throughout the whole week. They fixed everything we wanted.

Player Camp, Kalmar, Sweden

In July, 2016 J.J. Sports worked in collaboration with Lindsdals IF to organize a football camp that had over 80 young aspiring footballers who wanted to develop at the sport they love. In the build up to the camp J.J. Sports worked heavily with marketing the camp to be able to attract a good number of both boys and girls to participate in the camp. During the camp the company prepared and conducted all of the sessions for the participants making sure they fully enjoyed the camp while becoming a better player.

Magnus Kennerfalk, Chairman of the Board, Lindsdals IF

Johan and Jonathan of J.J. Sports are both very talented and knowledgeable when it comes to organizing an event. Both have great attributes and excel in coaching and developing young boys and girls.